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Birthdate:Jun 23
Location:United States of America
Born in the city of Kyoto Japan, Ayako’s family moved towards Okinawa when she was younger since her Mother managed to get a job working as a teacher for an international school in Okinawa, thanks to her younger sister who lived here with her husband. Here her younger brother was born and her parents went into a separation due to issues.

After the birth of her brother, her mother and the two kids moved back to Kyoto to live with her Aunt (mother’s older sister) and cousins, and where Ayako attended the rest of her schooling for grade school. While there she discovered a love of running as a means of dealing with family problems. As a runner she became determined to become the best in the world, eventually wanting to join the Olympic team. However these plans were cut short when she sustained a knee injury in middle school that caused her to quit track for a year. Due to this, she couldn’t qualify for Olympic status and thus missed out on that chance.

Ayako’s mother eventually found work as a part time tutor and beautician in an unnamed city in Osaka, pulling up roots from the capital city of Kyoto where they were staying. Ayako got a part time job as a courier for a messenger service using her speed as a runner and being a decent biker from her time in Okinawa. She still intends to find a way to regain her dreams, but for now intends to work hard and help her family. She enjoys school for the most part and tries to push herself and her siblings forward to a better future.

Personality : Headstrong, a bit jaded, but cheerful and determined . Ayako’s seen as the rock center of the family. It’s hard to get her down and she’s never quite sure of herself, but she has a future worth fighting for, at least that’s what she believes. She cares deeply for her brother, but can sometimes push him a bit too hard. She’s brash, and blunt, not thinking a lot of what her comments will cause and can be brutal with the truth. She’s embarrassed by her height, being taller than most girls, and feels that her younger cousin is far prettier then she is. Ayako’s friendly enough, and a bit of a flirt, as her means of compensating for lack of certain closeness that she doesn’t get from her mom.

Interests (14):

amazing race, books on various track runners, espn, harry potter, history channel, long walks, lost, rock, running, seven ghosts, taking photos, track and feild, video games, water gun fights
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